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State-Of-The-Art Digital Podium

We design and manufacture Multimedia Podiums, including integrated wooden podium, acrylic podium and metallic podiums. Smart Podium is designed according to modern smart classroom requirement. Premium quality of rubber wood, acrylic sheets and metallic material is used to manufacture podiums for conference rooms, classrooms, auditoriums, seminar halls, lecture halls, and meeting rooms.
Using our smart interactive podiums, you can record your lectures or presentation with greater precision. Our Rostrums with Screen tilt and adjustable height are in great demand in present day schools/Colleges/institutions/Corporations/Govt.Offices/Defense sectors/hospitality sectors/Outdoor events. Our touch screen podiums are available in variety of shapes and sizes, which can be further customized on the basis of client's specifications and requirements.
We are the leading online manufacturer and wholesaler of Integrated podiums. We have in store for you many unique designs, styles, shapes and sizes with variety of colour combination. Our dozens of podium designs hit the shelves every year.
We are the concept designer and supplier for church pulpit podiums and lecterns, Stainless steel podium, and all the audio-visual parts to be assembled in the podium including podium speakers, podium amplifiers, podium mics, podium microphone stand, laptop podium stand and podium panel.

Key Features:

digital podium quality Premium Quality Raw Material: We manufacture wooden podium, metallic podium and acrylic podium for your Classrooms/Conference rooms using premium quality Rubber/Teak wood, metallic and acrylic material.
easy to connect podium High Quality Audio System Integration: Audio podium provides quality of sound and wide bandwidth covering whole auditorium, with the integration of Amplifiers, Speakers, Gooseneck Microphones and other audio devices.
podium with projector Easy-to-operate: Reliable and plug & play connectivity makes the system easy-to-use with our portable podium system. Our State-of-the-Art system need No special knowledge for its operation.
secured podium Touch Panel podium: Touch interactive panel i.e., Resistive/Capacitive/Optical of various sizes from 15" to 22", are mounted on customized housing. These devises help you to do away with your traditional input devises like keyboard and mouse. Any touch including your fingers can be used to operate on your smart podium with accuracy and proficiency.
audio podium Integrated Computer System: We use latest configuration computer system for integration with our podium. Computer system can be of desired configuration can also be customized.
different podium Projector Integration: Since podium integrated with projector helps in projecting multimedia, video clips, audio files and other computer files onto the screen, ongoing session or lecture can be conducted proficiently and recoded digitally.
 HDMI podium Enabled Security: Sliding trays, drawers, shelves available for projector, computer and audio visual equipments are adjustable and lockable.
 HDMI podium Cables, connectors' management: Our rostrums provide high quality cable/connectors management and simplifies structure complexity.
 HDMI podium Switching & splitting : Provision for switching/splitting of number of audio/video devices simultaneously and any to any exists as per requirements.
 HDMI podium Input/output ports: Number of input output ports such as USB, HDMI, VGA In/Out, LAN, Audio In/Out, XLR and Power Sockets are available in our Wi-Fi enabled computer podium.
 HDMI podium LED Light Integration: Flexible gooseneck LED light for reading documents.
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We provide stylish wood podium, wood lecturns of variuos shapes, sizes and at reasonable price range.
Acrylic Poduims, church podiums or church pulpit with gooseneck microphone are available at very cost effective price range.
Digital Metal Podium with the integration of Smart PC and Audio/Video equipment for your smart classroom and conference room.

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