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Wooden podiums/ rostrum, made of high quality rubber/teak wood, are widely used by lecturers in Classrooms, presenters in conference rooms and speakers in Auditoriums. Smart Wooden Podiums are supplied in schools, institutions, colleges, universities, church, conference rooms, receptions, auditoriums etc. Speeches/ lecturers are usually given behind electronic podiums, make easy and prominent flow of presentations. We have a wide range for selection for wooden podium, including simple lecterns to digital podiums. Wooden podium with the integration of high quality audio/sound system allows the speakers /lecturers to be heard accurately even in large auditorium. Flexible logo plate on the front side of smart podium displays organization's Logo and Info. Multimedia podium with optical/capacitive/resistive touch monitor mounted on the top of podium for easy and reliable operation with your fingers, are available at reasonable price range. Wooden Podium designs and configurations can be customized on the basis of customer's requirements and specifications. Smart rostrum can also be renamed as lecture podium, classroom podium, teaching podium, electronic wood podium, smart wood podium, digital podium, integrated podium, furniture podium, portable digital podium, multimedia podium etc. Speech Teleprompter can be integrated with smart podium to deliver fluent speech without memorizing complicated and long script. Teleprompter allows you to read through electronic system without losing eye-contact with your audience.

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